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Build Customer Relationships and Data Through Store Mode

Customers are demanding more dynamic relationships with retailers and brands. The more engagement and value you provide, the more data consumers will willingly share. Retailers who develop apps with “store mode” indoor location technologies can increase shopper engagement by 5 times.

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Increased Shopper Engagement

Indoor Location Technologies: The 5x Engagement Factor

What happens when you give in-store shoppers some additional (and helpful) tools within your store’s branded app? If they’re the right tools, you may be astonished. Point Inside conducted an interesting study on indoor location technologies in 2012, and the results were so compelling that the question for retailers is not “if” but “how soon” […]

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How to Think About Your Mobile Strategy

In speaking with a lot of brick and mortar retailers about their mobile plans, a clear pattern has emerged. In general, there is a three-step evolution in how they are approaching the opportunity: Create a mobile-optimized website: basically a copy of their traditional online site reformatted to work on a smaller screen and within a […]

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The influence of smartphones for in-store retail continues to grow

Smartphones, and retailers’ accompanying apps, are a key tool in the shopper’s buying process.  While the adoption of mobile payments still remains small, the power of mobile to influence shopping decisions (and ultimately purchases) continues to grow according to a recent Deloitte study. In fact, Deloitte forecasts that in the U.S. alone, the impact of […]

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App feature of the week: Product Search

Shoppers have many ways to find products, from online web search, to in-store signage, to asking a store representative. What are the best ways to facilitate product search within your mobile application and how can having excellent product search benefit you, the retailer? As you design the product search feature within your app, remember that […]

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Study reveals the “mobile influence factor” on in-store sales

According to a recent in-depth study conducted by Deloitte Digital, smartphone use currently influences 5% of annual retail store sales, translating into $159 billion in forecasted sales for 2012. Here’s what you need to know: 48% of smartphone owners said their phones have influenced their decision to purchase an item in store.  (55% among shoppers […]

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