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Customers expect more than mobile-optimized websites. Don’t disappoint.

Here’s a simple piece of advice when planning your retail mobile strategy: Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight. I’ve written more than a few posts about how mobile is not just a smaller-screen version of online commerce, and that a “mobile optimized” version of the traditional website doesn’t get the job done (unless you’ve defined your total strategy […]

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Mobile technology for retail

Retail 3.0 – Mobile technology is the new way for retailers to connect with their shoppers

With shoppers increasingly relying on smartphones to help them shop, forward-thinking retailers are finding new ways to engage them. Many are adding Wi-Fi to their stores and launching mobile apps that do anything from indoor location technologies such as product finders and store maps, to digital shopping lists, and digital coupons. Some are combining point-of-sale […]

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Smartbrief: Expert Mobile Strategies for Retail

According to Bryan Wargo, CEO of Nearbuy Systems, “mobile is a game-changer for brick-and-mortar retailers.”  We couldn’t agree more.  Which is why Expert Mobile Strategies for Retail is so timely.  To create the report, M for Mobile interviewed more than a dozen industry experts and featured their answers in this in-depth smartbrief. The brief tackles questions such as: […]

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The New Shopper Engagement blog

Welcome to the inaugural post for the The New Shopper Engagement blog. It is intended for retailers with the goal of providing a broad range of insights into the fast-changing world of, well, in-store shopper engagement with a keen focus on how mobile technologies are changing almost everything. Our goal is to help all of […]

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