Mobile Shopper Engagement Reports

Mobile Shopper Engagement Stats

  • A staggering 167 million people will shop online this year, spending an average of $1,800 per person. Unsurprisingly, shoppers are using their smartphones to look for sales and special deals, as well as read product reviews and ratings (Source: Mashable, 2012)
  • 64% of smartphone owners shop online using their devices; 40% of Twitter users say they search for products on the microblogging tool; and 60% of Facebook users say they would discuss a product or service if they were offered a discount (Source: Mashable, 2012)
  • 80% of US smartphone users accessed a retail site or app on their mobile in July (Source: comScore, 2012)
  • 72% of small and medium businesses (SMBs) will increase or keep the same mobile ad spend in the next twelve months (Source: Pontiflex, 2012)
  • By 2016, smartphones are likely to influence between 17% and 21% of US retail purchases, equating to $628-782bn in sales (Source: Deloitte, 2012)
  • 85% of consumers that said they used a retailer’s own mobile app to help them shop in a store made a purchase on that shopping trip versus 71% who said they made a purchase when they used shopping apps operated by another company (Source: Internet Retailer, 2012)
  • Consumers who use smartphones when out shopping are 14% more likely to make a purchase in the store than those without (Source: Business Time, 2012)
  • Smartphone use for store-related shopping increases 40% after the first six months of ownership (Source: Business Time, 2012)
  • Three out of five adults in the U.S. said they would be doing some of their holiday shopping on their mobile devices, expecting to make purchases for everything from clothes and toys to books and DVDs (Source: Apigee, 2012)
  • Nearly 60% of shoppers said they expect channel integration to be the norm by 2014, but more than half said that most retailers currently are not consistent in the way they present themselves across channels (Source: Capgemini, 2012)
  • 58% of U.S. smartphone owners check their phones at least every hour — and a large share check their phones while in bed or in the bathroom (Source: Huffington Post, 2012)
  • Facebook has more than 955 million monthly active users, over 552 million daily active users in June 2012, and more than 543 million monthly active users on mobile (Source: CNET, July 2012)
  • While smartphones surpassed more than half of mobile phones in use in 2012, another milestone was recently achieved as half of U.S. smartphone owners (50.3%) used mobile commerce apps in June 2012 (Souce: Nielsen, 2012)
  • 47% of smartphone owners use a shopping app, which equates to 45 million consumers using shopping apps to browse or buy on their phone (Source: Nielsen, 2012)
  • 49% of mobile shoppers regularly write product reviews compared to 31% of traditional shoppers; 37% of mobile shoppers visit a brand’s website when seeking product information; 54% are likely to turn to mobile devices to get product details; 58% of trad shoppers compare prices via mobile; Mobile shoppers are more likely to buy when the purchase process is simple (Source: Greystripe, 2012)
  • 51% of mobile shoppers ‘prefer buying’ via app while 49% prefer making purchases through a website (Source: Greystripe, 2012)
  • 81% of U.S. adults are comfortable with grocery stores using their personal data to deliver deals tailored to them compared to only 33% for Facebook (Source: Harris Interactive, 2012)
  • 48% of smartphone owners said their phones have influenced their decision to purchase an item in store and consumers’ smartphone use tends to be the highest at or near the point-of-purchase (Source: Deloitte Digital, 2012)
  • 61% of smartphone owners who use their devices to shop have done so while shopping at the store and 52% use their phones on the way to the store (Source: Deloitte Digital, 2012)
  • 37% of smartphone owners who used their phone on their last shopping trip utilized a third-party mobile shopping app, and 34% used a retailer’s mobile app (Source: Deloitte Digital, 2012)
  • 42% of smartphone owners go online to check prices in store (Source: Econsultancy, 2012)
  • 3 in 5 Mobile Users Pay Attention to Mobile Ads While Visiting Social Media Sites (Source: Prosper Mobile Insights™, 2012)
  • The “mobile influence factor” (or effect of smartphones on in-store sales) on retail purchases will increase to $689 billion (or 19% of total store sales) by 2016 (Source: Deloitte, 2012)
  • 55% of mobile owners access mobile web (Source: Pew Research Center, 2012)
  • 73% use their smartphones to help with the shopping experience (Source: Interactive Advertising Bureau, 2012)
  • Nearly 116 million Americans will use a smartphone at least monthly by the end of this year, up from 93.1 million in 2011 (Source: eMarketer, 2012)
  • 71% favor using their smartphone to identify a store with a desired item in stock, while 17% prefer to get that information by speaking to a store employee (Source: Retail Industry, 2011)
  • 73% of shoppers preferred to use their mobile phone to take care of simple tasks while in-store while only 15% of shoppers preferred to interact with a sales associate (Source: Retail Industry, 2011)

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