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Wired Shopper

For Retailers, Traditional Marketing is Crashing into Shopper Engagement

Much has been written about the “connected consumer,” “generation c,” “the wired customer” or [insert new cleverly descriptive name here] so we won’t elaborate on the demographics/psychographic makeup of these consumers here. It is, however, worth a quick review to understand the numbers associated with the connected shopper: There are more than 116M smartphones in […]

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How to Think About Your Mobile Strategy

In speaking with a lot of brick and mortar retailers about their mobile plans, a clear pattern has emerged. In general, there is a three-step evolution in how they are approaching the opportunity: Create a mobile-optimized website: basically a copy of their traditional online site reformatted to work on a smaller screen and within a […]

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App Feature of the Week

App feature of the Week: Digital Coupons

Shoppers love coupons. 81% of consumers report using coupons regularly and more than one-third said they used more coupons in 2011 than the prior year.[1] Furthermore, wealthier, more educated and metropolitan Americans are now the most likely coupon users. Six out of 10 adults with a household income of $100,000 or more have redeemed a […]

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In-store Search on Smartphones is Different

As consumers move to using mobile devices to assist with their in-store shopping, there have been a number of “aha” moments where retailers have realized that people behave differently in-store than they do on traditional online ecommerce sites. Specifically, it’s been a hard won lesson that the smartphone is not just another computer with a […]

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App feature of the week: Route My Shopping List

After you develop a digital shopping list and an in-store product finder feature in your mobile app, adding the ability to route the shopping list is icing on the cake. Once your app includes a map of your store and product locations are known, you can give your shoppers the ability to find the fastest route to all the […]

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in-store product finder for mobile app

App feature of the week: Product Finder

Use your app to help your customers find the exact in-store location of every item they would like to purchase. Since the average grocery store has more than 50,000 products,[1]even the most loyal shoppers still have difficulty finding items from time to time, and less regular shoppers definitely have trouble finding products. If your app […]

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Mobile technology for retail

Retail 3.0 – Mobile technology is the new way for retailers to connect with their shoppers

With shoppers increasingly relying on smartphones to help them shop, forward-thinking retailers are finding new ways to engage them. Many are adding Wi-Fi to their stores and launching mobile apps that do anything from indoor location technologies such as product finders and store maps, to digital shopping lists, and digital coupons. Some are combining point-of-sale […]

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Mobile deals

App feature of the week: Deals

You already know this: good deals will attract customers to your stores. So incorporate deals into your mobile app. Give shoppers the ability to browse for deals while they are at home, or while they’re standing in line at a local coffee shop. 62% of shoppers search for deals digitally for at least half of […]

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App feature of the week: Product Search

Shoppers have many ways to find products, from online web search, to in-store signage, to asking a store representative. What are the best ways to facilitate product search within your mobile application and how can having excellent product search benefit you, the retailer? As you design the product search feature within your app, remember that […]

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Smartphones and shopping trends

There is no denying the rapid growth in smartphones across the United States.  How are people using smartphones to help them shop? Below are some stats around smartphone and shopping trends in a handy infographic.

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