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Build Customer Relationships and Data Through Store Mode

Customers are demanding more dynamic relationships with retailers and brands. The more engagement and value you provide, the more data consumers will willingly share. Retailers who develop apps with “store mode” indoor location technologies can increase shopper engagement by 5 times.

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Showrooming, there’s an app for that

Showrooming, the practice of using a smartphone while in a physical store to go online to compare prices, is expected to rise. According to a report from IDC Retail Insights, showrooming is expected to increase by 134 percent in the 2012 holiday season, which translates to mobile behavior influencing between $700 million to $1.7 billion […]

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Going mobile may be the the best thing for retailers this holiday season

With the holiday season almost here, now may be a good time for retailers to reflect on the lessons learnt from last year’s holiday shopping patterns. The holiday period is traditionally known for recording huge volumes of sales, and as per an article in Forbes, this year is expected to be no different. Retail outlets […]

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Customers expect more than mobile-optimized websites. Don’t disappoint.

Here’s a simple piece of advice when planning your retail mobile strategy: Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight. I’ve written more than a few posts about how mobile is not just a smaller-screen version of online commerce, and that a “mobile optimized” version of the traditional website doesn’t get the job done (unless you’ve defined your total strategy […]

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Ed Yourdon

How important are smartphones to shoppers?

Americans love their smartphones, and the numbers are there to prove it. A recent survey has indicated that 58 percent of smartphone users check their phones at least once every hour—that, in itself, is a clear indication of how important smartphones have become in our day-to-day lives. While there can be some debate on whether […]

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Wired Shopper

For Retailers, Traditional Marketing is Crashing into Shopper Engagement

Much has been written about the “connected consumer,” “generation c,” “the wired customer” or [insert new cleverly descriptive name here] so we won’t elaborate on the demographics/psychographic makeup of these consumers here. It is, however, worth a quick review to understand the numbers associated with the connected shopper: There are more than 116M smartphones in […]

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In-store Search on Smartphones is Different

As consumers move to using mobile devices to assist with their in-store shopping, there have been a number of “aha” moments where retailers have realized that people behave differently in-store than they do on traditional online ecommerce sites. Specifically, it’s been a hard won lesson that the smartphone is not just another computer with a […]

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Offers on Social Networks – What you need to know

Performics released the results from their 2012 Life on Demand Study on the effectiveness of brand offers over social networks that makes clear how to most effectively promote products. Who is most likely to respond to offers via social networks?  Parents and “Über Users” (the top third of people who visit more than one social […]

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Consumers trust grocers more than twice as much with personal data than they do Facebook

There is very interesting data from a recent Harris Interactive poll that consumers are much more comfortable sharing their information with grocers than they are with Facebook. The numbers are staggering: 81% of U.S. adults are comfortable with grocery stores using their personal data to deliver deals tailored to them compared to only 33% for Facebook. […]

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