Build Customer Relationships and Data Through Store Mode

Woman with PhoneRemember the time when customers thought giving their information to brands was a license for 24/7 spam? Things are changing rapidly.  According to the DMA’s latest report, over 50% of customers will give their name, address and email to businesses.  This is an increase of 63% from the DMA’s last study in 2011.

Customers are becoming more accustomed to providing their information, but that’s not the full story.  The report adds, “76% of consumers are willing to share data with companies they have a relationship with.”  See the infographic here. Customers are demanding more dynamic relationships with retailers and brands.  The more engagement and value you provide, the more data consumers will willingly share.

A great way for retailers to improve engagement and customer experience is through in-store apps.  Retailers who develop apps with “store mode” indoor location technologies can increase shopper engagement by 5 times.  Features such as indoor mapping, loyalty card integration, shopping lists, personalization, and promotions will keep your customers engaged and willing to share data that will transform their shopping experience. And your ability to connect with them.

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Author:Crystal Leaver

I'm the marketing manager for Point Inside.


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