App feature of the week: Product Finder

in-store product finder for mobile appUse your app to help your customers find the exact in-store location of every item they would like to purchase.

Since the average grocery store has more than 50,000 products,[1]even the most loyal shoppers still have difficulty finding items from time to time, and less regular shoppers definitely have trouble finding products. If your app has in-store product search and an accompanying product locator feature, it is like giving your shoppers a store representative in their pocket! Don’t let your customers leave your store without finding everything on their shopping list.

Technologically speaking, this means that your app will include detailed store maps. Your products will be mapped to their exact location in the aisle based on data from your spatial planning and inventory systems. Then when the customer searches for an item, a pin will be dropped on the exact product location. You’ll want to sync your data frequently to ensure inventory accuracy.

The ROI is clear and simple math: finding and buying that 20th product on a list is a 5% increase in revenue. Not to mention that you have happier customers since they leave your store with everything they were looking for.

[1] Source: CNN Money, 2010

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