App feature of the week: Digital Shopping List

Retailers and grocers, your app must include a digital shopping list. At the most basic level, a shopping list will help your customers remember what they want to buy so that they leave your store with everything they intended to buy. A shopping list helps your store stay top of mind and becomes the default shopping location.

84% of shoppers use some form of shopping list.[i]

The digital shopping list helps you learn which products your customers intend to buy before they even leave home. This data can help you understand the shopper and present other products and deals of interest. By recommending complementary products based on the shopper’s interests, you can increase basket size, and make the customer happy when they don’t forget the buns to go with the hamburgers they bought.

This rich shopper data will help improve the in-store shopper experience.

When designing your shopping list feature, consider adding a standard list, sharing capabilities and barcode scanning:

Standard list:  Often, especially with grocery shopping, there are staples bought on most every trip making it helpful to be able to start from a “standard” list.Offer customers the ability to keep different shopping lists on file – or at least keep a default shopping list on file. The easier you make it the more likely they will use it.

Sharing capabilities:  Customers love the ability to share their lists. At a minimum allow customers to share their lists via email. Other options include sharing via text message and social media. Or use the cloud to allow synchronized shopping lists between laptops, tablets and smartphones. Make life easier for your shoppers and they will stay loyal to your brand.

Barcode scanning: For savvy shoppers, barcode scanning is another great way to easily add items to their shopping list.

As you can see, it is highly valuable to add a shopping list to your mobile application.  Your customers enjoy the ease it provides in planning their trip and in remembering important items, while you enjoy the increased basket size, engagement and loyalty.

[i] Source: IDC Report, 2011


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