So you have an app for your stores, now what?

Mobile technologies are critical to becoming an essential part of the new retail. Done correctly, your mobile application is an extension of your consumer strategy and marketing campaigns. Chances are you’re using mobile to help achieve your goals including increased basket size, greater customer loyalty, additional customer insights and new revenue streams. Your shoppers benefit from saving time and money.

If you’ve created an app, let your customers know about it! We are always surprised when retailers seemingly forget to market their app.

There are a number of ways to get customers to download and engage with your app

  • Highlight that there are special deals that are only available through your app.
  • Offer a discount for the first use of the app. For example, “get $X off on the first $Y purchase” after downloading and registering with the app.
  • Accumulate loyalty points for using the app in a specified way. For example, “gain XXX points for scanning Y products” in the store or by adding “XXX products” to their shopping list.
  • Offer free Wi-Fi to users of the app where the customer needs to download and use the app to sign in.

There are a number of places in your stores where signage can both let customers know there is a helpful app and how to download it.

Location options for placing placards or signs in the store include:

  • All the entrances and exits to the store
  • Checkout lines and counters
  • Store clerks with badges
  • Shopping carts
  • Floor graphic signs
  • Within the aisles
  • Product scanners
  • Places where customers gather, such as:
    • Pharmacy counter
    • Electronics department
    • Beauty counter

Your app is a fabulous tool for both shoppers and retailers.  Get creative in your marketing efforts to help your shoppers discover the app and to encourage repeat use.


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