When it comes to mobile advertising, you have to be in the flow

point insideMobile is very different than online, and mobile advertising must be treated differently than online advertising for three key reasons:

1)      Mobile users are very task-oriented. Instead of “browsing”, they engage with their smartphones and use them to accomplish specific activities such as getting directions to a friend’s house, creating a list, shopping for a particular item, etc.

2)      The overall mobile experience is much more intimate than online. Users consider their phone a very personal device and messages are expected to be highly relevant.

3)      The screen real estate for a phone is much smaller. You simply cannot fit as much information or ads on a mobile page.  It is critical to use all of the limited space very effectively. Plus, most of the existing space is already consumed by the app.

And mobile users do not want to be interrupted with advertisements and are trained to ignore banner ads.

So what can you do?

In order to be effective, mobile advertisements must be seamlessly incorporated into the user experience – in the flow of accomplishing the task(s) at hand.

For example, if you have a retail mobile application, use the shopping list as a medium to recommend complimentary products the shopper might have forgotten.  Suggest products that are physically near the shopper’s location while they are in-store.  When presenting deals on products, present deals that are of interest to that particular shopper.  Help them by presenting the dozen deals they are interested in rather than bombarding them with the 10,000 coupons you have available.

In the flow advertising will increase basket size, customer satisfaction and your click-through-rate.

Mobile is different. Take advantage of the opportunity.

Originally posted on the Point Inside blog.


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