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When it comes to mobile advertising, you have to be in the flow

Mobile is very different than online, and mobile advertising must be treated differently than online advertising for three key reasons: 1)      Mobile users are very task-oriented. Instead of “browsing”, they engage with their smartphones and use them to accomplish specific activities such as getting directions to a friend’s house, creating a list, shopping for a particular item, […]

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How can retailers use mobile to better engage customers and fend off showrooming?

“Retailers are trying to make smartphones work for them instead of against them,” according to Wall Street Journal article Can Texting Save Stores? ‘Geofencing’ Lets Retailers Offer Deals to Nearby Customers, Fight Price-Shopping. From our work with Meijer Inc., a Midwestern chain of supermarkets, we at Point Inside know this to be true.  Retailers are looking […]

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